When and How to Plant Gladioli Bulbs - an Easy Guide

Gladioli - like dahlias - are very popular again and should not be missing in your summer garden! Growing these colourful summer flowers is easy. In collaboration with the cooperation of gladioli growers 'Forever Gladiolen', we have listed everything you need to know about planting gladioli bulbs.

Gladiolus Passos Jack the Grower

When to plant gladioli bulbs? 

Gladioli don't like frost in the ground, so don't plant them when it's freezing. It is best to plant the gladioli bulbs in spring (April/May); they will then bloom in summer (from July/August onwards). The latest time for planting is about 3.5 months before the average daytime temperature drops below 12 degrees. In Northwest Europe, this means June is the last possible month to plant. If you plant gladioli in June, they will flower in late September/October. So, when should gladioli bulbs be planted in the ground? The best is after the last frost through June.

What is the best soil for gladioli?

A gladiolus will grow in any soil and likes as much (sun)light as possible. For best results, plant gladioli preferably in a sunny position. In addition, make sure the soil stays moist, especially if there is little rain. 

Plant gladioli bulbs deep enough; the ideal planting depth is about 10 cm below ground level. Not much deeper, because that can keep them from blooming. Plant the gladioli about 15 cm apart, so that the leaves have enough space to unfold and get maximum energy from the light.

Gladioli in pots

When planting gladioli in pots, it is important to put the pot in a place with enough light and keep the soil sufficiently moist. Make sure that excess water can drain away through holes in the pot. The nice thing is that you will see the plants grow first for 3-4 months and then eventually bloom beautifully. However, planting gladioli bulbs in the garden is much easier; the moisture for the roots is almost always naturally available then.

Would you like to buy gladioli bulbs? 
Then take a quick look at our wide and colourful gladioli assortment! Gladioli are also wonderful to combine with other summer flowers, such as dahlias, anemones or callas (zantedeschia).  

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