Planting Gladioli Bulbs - Get More Out of Your Gladioli with These Tips

Gladioli not only look spectacular in your garden; they are bee friendly and excellent cut flowers too. In collaboration with the cooperation of gladioli growers 'Forever Gladiolen', we have put together some useful tips to get even more out of your gladioli bulbs.

Gladiolus Jester Jack the Grower

How to make gladioli bloom longer?

There are two ways to make gladioli bloom longer. The first is to plant gladioli bulbs at intervals of 2 weeks, from April through June. You will then have beautiful gladioli all summer long through fall.

Secondly, it is also possible to make gladioli bloom longer by mixing different varieties together. The fastest gladioli bloom after only three months and the slowest after four months. Different bulbs of one variety usually bloom, alternately, for 2-3 weeks. All together you can have six weeks of flowering gladioli. 

Of course, you can also combine these two methods by mixing gladioli bulbs and planting that mix at different times.

Do gladioli come back every year?

Gladioli can be left in the ground if the ground does not freeze, as they are not hardy. You can also take the gladioli bulbs out of the ground in fall, store them in a dry and cool shed and plant them again in spring. Store gladioli bulbs at 2-8 degrees as they do not like warmer and colder temperatures (frost) during storage. 

By doing this, you can enjoy the same bulb several times. It is best to partially buy fresh gladioli bulbs every year and try to reuse the existing ones as best you can.

Do gladioli need support?

Gladioli can sometimes grow quite tall, depending on the variety. Smaller varieties, such as the butterfly and dwarf gladiolus, grow 60-90 cm tall. The other varieties grow 90 cm or taller, sometimes even up to 120 cm tall. Gladioli can withstand wind well, but you can give them extra support by adding sturdy sticks. 

Another way to ensure a gladiolus becomes sturdy is by planting the bulbs cleverly. Plant gladioli bulbs deep enough; the ideal planting depth is about 10 cm below ground level. Not much deeper, because that can keep them from blooming. Plant the gladioli about 15 cm apart, so that the leaves have enough space to unfold and get maximum energy from the light. This allows the gladiolus to make a sturdy stem. 

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