Jack the Grower tulip bulbs




      Looking for high quality tulip bulbs from Holland? We got you! Jack the Grower offers the finest selection of tulips in different colours, shapes and sizes.

      Enjoy our 'classic' types like Single Early & Triumph Tulips or fall in love with our 'extraordinary' types like Peony Flowering Tulips and Parrot Tulips.

      165 products

      165 products

      Combi pack: Dazzling Duo Tulipa & Crocus Magic Carpet Tulipa Acuminata Syn. Tulipa Cornuta Tulipa Alexander Pushkin Tulipa Amazing Parrot Tulipa American Dream Tulipa Angélique Tulipa Antarctica Tulipa Apricot Beauty Tulipa Armani Tulipa Avant Garde Tulipa Aveyron Tulipa Bakerii Lilac Wonder Tulipa Ballade Tulipa Ballerina Tulipa Banja Luka Tulipa Batalinii Bright Gem Tulipa Belicia Tulipa Black Hero Tulipa Black Parrot Tulipa Bleu Aimable Tulipa Blue Parrot Tulipa Blueberry Ice Tulipa Blushing Lady Tulipa Brest Tulipa Brisbane Tulipa Calgary Tulipa Candela