Our Story

Jack the Grower is the youngest member of the 5th generation of the Lefeber dynasty. Lefeber has been around since 1885 and prides itself on being one of the eldest flower bulb companies in Holland, distributing the finest flower bulbs all over the globe - from Iceland to Kazakhstan. Besides, Jack the Grower and J.W.A. Lefeber are suppliers of Keukenhof, the most beautiful spring garden in the world.​

Instead of selling B2B, Jack the Grower offers an astonishing wide selection of high quality flower bulbs produced in Holland directly to the consumer. The product range includes every flower bulb under the sun in different sizes and varieties, like tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, dahlias, gladioli and many more. 

We aim to not only grow and sell, but also educate and enthuse people about flower bulbs. Whether you're a professional gardener or someone striving for green fingers: get ready for summer with our selection of Holland's finest flower bulbs!

Spread love, grow flowers,

Who is Jack?

The face
Jack, the blond boy in the pictures, is the face of Jack the Grower. He has a natural curiousness about everything, his eyes shine with wonder. Jack symbolises discovering new things and learning new skills, being outside and of course: growing.

He encourages young and old to stop rushing through life, go outside (together) and get their hands dirty. Enjoy this moment with Mother Nature - from planting flower bulbs to witnessing the first spring flowers bloom. What are you waiting for?

The face behind
One of the faces behind Jack the Grower is Lisa. As a little girl she grew up in de Bollenstreek (the bulb-growing area), as the daughter of a real flower bulb farmer.​

Lisa's mission with Jack the Grower is to inspire people to – easily – create the most beautiful (balcony)garden themselves and to show them the incredible beauty that nature has to offer.