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      The gladiolus – also known as the Queen among the bulbous flowers – is a true summer flower and is characterised by its strong, firm stem, sword-shaped leaves and round and symmetrical flower buds.

      Jack the Grower offers over 50 species of gladiolus in a wide array of colours such as pink, orange, yellow, red, white, and green. The bigger varieties can rise to one meter and smaller varieties will grow about 60 centimetres. A nice additional fact is that thanks to its wonderful colours and scent, this stunning species attracts bees, butterflies, and sunbirds responsible for its pollination! 

      Have a look through our large offering of extraordinary gladioli!

      57 products

      57 products

      Gladiolus Cote d'Azur Gladiolus Rostov Gladiolus Murmansk Gladiolus Soft Innocence Gladiolus Purple Flora Gladiolus Omsk Gladiolus Adrenalin Gladiolus Tula Gladiolus Lemon Drop Gladiolus Mohican Gladiolus Shaka Zulu Gladiolus Evergreen Gladiolus Homecoming Gladiolus Circus Color Gladiolus Polar Bear Gladiolus Sochi Gladiolus Caucasus Gladiolus Tropic Blue Gladiolus Rose Supreme Gladiolus Riks Frizzle Gladiolus Vladivostok Gladiolus Vandohla Gladiolus Passos® Gladiolus Rhythm & Blues Butterfly Gladiolus Mixed Colors Gladiolus Lumiere Gladiolus Tricolore Gladiolus Minsk